Saturday, October 11, 2008

restoring my hand planes

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So I've been busy restoring my old-new planes. They finally arrived in the mail after some mailing issues. I purchased a #4 and #5 Stanley-Bailey handplane from ebay a while ago. I got them for about $20 each. The list price for the #4 is $64.99 and #5 is $74.99. I'm curious to see how much time/money it will take to restore them compared to the cost of a new one. They actually didn't look too bad when I opened the box. The bottoms are pretty flat already which is the biggest deal when buying a handplane. I think the irons are pretty salvagable as well. All the parts are there and none of the screws are broken or rusted through. The only thing that was not so nice that I'll probably replace is the handle on the #4. Looks like the previous owner tried to make their own replacement and did a bad job fitting it. There is a bit of rust but that was expected and I'll be dealing with that in the restoration. There will be more pictures to come following my process.

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woodtreks said...

Hi Mindy: I was just surfing the net and ran across your blog and saw your handplane post. I am also a big fan of restoring those older planes. I'm sure you'll do a super job. You're probably an expert on this already, but I posted a video on my blog on how to restore a plane (just happens to be a Stanley/Bailey #5). It might be interesting to others following your progress (

Anyhow, I look forward to following your progress. Warm Regards, Keith