Monday, September 22, 2008

The Met

title> Misc. Pictures from The Met
style> various time periods American and European
material> various
source> The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art recently. One of my favorite museums in NYC mainly because you could spend a week there and still not see all of it. We kind of rushed through most of it because we were on a strict time constraint but I did get to snap some pictures in some of their period rooms. There is always amazingly preserved furniture there. I always wonder how long it took to make each of these pieces especially during the Baroque period where everything was just over-the-top ornate. Well, maybe I'll be able to find out how long it takes me to make one of these one day.

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Ellen said...

ended up going to the national palace museum. they had some incredible (but limited) displays of ancient, amazingly preserved furniture.

you would have enjoyed it.

wish i could be academic and tell you from which era. eh.