Sunday, October 12, 2008

hand plane anatomy

title> Anatomy of a Hand Plane

style> diagram
Taunton Press> Using Bench Planes Article

Like most beginner woodworkers everything I'm doing is self-taught. As well, this will be my first time of tuning up a hand plane. I thought that it might be useful to post some of the resources that I've found to figure out how to do this. Also, I decided it wouldn't hurt to just post a diagram of all the plane parts since every article talks about specific plane parts and it would be pretty hard to understand what they're talking about it you don't have a diagram.

As for hand plane restoration here are some videos and websites that I've read/watched through to mix and match a method for restoring my new-old planes:

Woodtreks's Website> Tune-Up and Restore Your Hand Plane
Folding Rule Show Blog> Stanley Hand Plane Restoration Parts I, II, and III
Major Panic's Website> Hand Plane Restoration Images (I'm mostly using this as my guide)

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ralph in saugerties said...

Hey Mindy, Thanks a bunch. I'm a half a**ed woodworker who has a plane all apart and wasn't sure how it went back together. As I am about to edge up some rough cut cherry I wanted it to be right. Your drawing was perfect. Hope you have found good times with your love of woodworking.