Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I think i've spent enough time procrastinating on making things. I'm happy to report that I have turned the extra unused space in my apartment into my work area (I know it's amazing that I have extra space in a NYC apartment). This will have to do until I can afford studio space. And of course what work space is complete without a workbench:

Might I add that I accomplished making this with only a handsaw, jigsaw, hand drill, and chairs for a saw horse. Proved to myself that all you need is will power. The joints are through bolts with 3/16" deep mortise/tenon just to hold things in place...I know it's a bit excessive but I thought it was a good opportunity to work on chiseling technique. Kind of merged a couple different plans to come up with the design for this table but it's sturdy as hell {yes I'm standing on it to celebrate}.

And of course it's complete with a vise. Strangely vises make me very happy.

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jen said...

i still am amazed...very cool!